As a company we realise the importance of becoming more environmentally friendly. This prompted us to make several changes across our business such as the services we offer, products we use to deliver our services, education we provide to our team, and also investing back into the environment.

Changes we have made so far

our sustainability journey:



Deciding to change to sustainable cleaning products was always an aim of Synergy FM. Having researched our options, we selected the Greenspeed Probio range – these products are not only completely safe, but by adding a layer of probiotics, friendly bacteria are left behind on the surface which produce enzymes that break down the microscopic dirt into tiny particles. This means they continue to function for days after cleaning; therefore, the effect of these products is long-lasting. The results: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odours.

These products also have a minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. Once these products have been used, they re-enter the environment where they actively contribute to water purification and maintain a natural microbial balance, they are also biodegradable and are produced in an ecological factory. Greenspeed has been awarded the EU Ecolabel and Cradle to Cradle certificate Gold for many of its products.

North Shore


Recognising that one of the main environmental impacts created by the cleaning industry is the amount of paper/plastic products being used, Synergy FM committed to reduce single use paper and plastic by selecting the North Shore range. North Shore are a UK based company at the forefront of sustainability. They offer a wide range of products which are cost effective, offering both pure and recycled paper product options, with plastic free packaging. Northshore have also strengthened its commitment to sustainability with the introduction of its ‘Green Loop’ closed loop end-of-life plastic recycling solution. All plastic inserts are recycled to make new raw material which can then be used for future inserts.



In striving to minimise our usage of single use plastic, Synergy FM opted to use Soap₂O as the supplier of our hand soap. They supply water soluble sachets so there is zero water transported to site which reduces the weight and volume dramatically. This also means there is no plastic waste to discard of and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Last year Soap₂O saved 250,000 plastic bottles going to landfill and saved an astonishing 50.4 tons of plastic!!



We are always looking at initiatives to support the environment and help create a more sustainable world and so Synergy FM decided to support Treeapp – an organisation who plant trees to help offset carbon footprints and create sustainable habitats for wildlife, functioning ecosystems that support healthy air, water and ground activity. So far Treeapp have planted over 2 million trees globally, which is equivalent to 3,700 football pitches!